Job Openings

Job Title: Science Writer

Job Description: Research state science standards; Develop and write new material for K-6 Science Curriculum based on "A Framework for K–12 Science Education" by the National Research Council. All lessons must be hands-on; have a 3-Dimensional teaching component that includes Crosscutting Concepts, Disciplinary Core Ideas, and Science & Engineering Practices; and be based on current cognitive neuroscience research.

If interested, please fax resume and cover letter to William Banko (Fax: 914-273-2691)


Knowing Science team members, Dr. William Banko and Jennifer Baxter, recently published an article in the February 2018 edition of Science & Children. Check it out here!


Here are some invaluable STEM resources for teachers that explain the Next Generation Science Standards and the latest research proven classroom practices.



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