The Knowing Science curriculum, developed for the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), has everything teachers need:
  • ● Easy to follow lessons with detailed teacher instruction covering Disciplinary Core Ideas, Crosscutting Concepts and Scientific and Engineering Practices.
  • Hands-on/minds-on STEM kits demonstrate engineering and science principles and contain all materials needed for every lesson, including teacher manuals, activity sheets, supplemental literature and suggestions for extended learning.
  • ● CCSS for ELA and Literacy emphasizing informational reading, writing, speaking and listening. Our non-fiction reading and writing component requires close reading and responding to one or more content-specific books or passages written specifically for each lesson.
  • ● Addresses the CCSS for Mathematics including measurement, data representation and problem solving, starting in the early grades.
  • ● Incorporates the latest neuroscience research on learning and emphasizes interdisciplinary connections and crosscutting concepts.
  • ● Provides opportunities for collaborative projects and presentations, emphasizing 21st Century Skills. Creativity and innovation; critical thinking, engineering and design problem solving; communication and collaboration; and the responsibility of working productively in a team.
  • ● New Knowing Science eBooks series with high-interest short stories that introduce concepts and vocabulary; explanations and summaries written with language that directly relates to student daily experiences; interactive video game-style activities that reinforce learning; and self-checking review questions.